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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hey is this thin still on?

Got an email recently that blogger was moving to SFTP.  Needed to change my stuff so that it would work.  Here's hoping

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Training like mad

So I've been doing a lot of Jiu-Jitsu lately. By a lot I mean Monday through Thursday 8:00-10:30PM. And then Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30-6:45AM.

Yeah, I'm nuts... Don't ask.

Well last night they brought in a friend of our regular instructor. He totally whooped all of us just in cardio alone.

He teaches at Paragon in Corpus Christi.

Tonight we have a special seminar put on by "Shogun" Rua. Didn't realize what a big deal his was until I started googling him. Holy cow.

We'll see if I'm still breathing tomorrow.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Did ya miss me?

Things have been awfully busy. I'm not quite sure where the time goes, but I just don't always make it around to updating this thing. This weekend Dezi's out of town and I'm not quite as exhausted from the week so I'm getting some things done.

So first about my knee. It's been 5 months since surgery. I was turned out of PT at about 3.5 months to continue on my own. I've been going to the gym and keep working to build the strength back in my left leg. It's quite interesting to watch the whole thing quiver on the brink of muscle failure while leg pressing 30 pounds. All in all I'm very pleased. I've started training MMA again. If I go every night it's 4 nights a week. Next week we're starting AM classes Tuesday/Thursday at 5:30. Hit the gym M/W in the morning and I'm going to be beat.

This week I took Thursday night and Friday morning off. So today I have some energy. I've already done some yard work and minor sprinkler head repare.

A budy of mine told me that he learned to do all sorts of things around a house that he never thought he could do.
Since we've moved in I've:

I'm sure there are a couple more odds and ends, but that's all I can think of.Work is good. Busy as it can be, but I still really enjoy what I get to do. I'm joking that I'm not doing any real work since I'm trying to cover the other dev lead that's out and the project manager that left suddenly. I do want to get back into some serious programming though. I thought about showing my nerdiness this weekend and try to work up a Seam project while I have some time this weekend.

I actually do have a funny story which I why I originally wanted to post in the first place.

So we have a couch and love seat that I bought when I moved into my first single apartment. Must have been around 2001 or so. About that time I also got two cats. Ash and Oreo. Well no matter how many scratching posts were strategically placed for them, they found the fabric of the couch much more amenable to their sharpening endeavors. Fast forward to this week. We had called a charity to come pick up the couch and love seat so that they could find another happy home. We told them the condition of the couch when we called to have them pick them up. Well they came and removed the covers and said that they couldn't take them b/c they wouldn't be able to resell them. So Dezi and I were stuck again with these couches that we'd really like to get rid of.

I called the dump to pick them up and they told us to have them out to the curb this morning. It was just Dezi and I to move the furniture to the back. A moment about Dezi. While she has many talents, heavy lifting is not one that I would attribute to my wife. The love seat was easy, but the couch is a sleeper that it was all we could do to manage to manuever it out the door.

By the time we got it outside I couldn't lift my arm. I had been nursing some tendonitis in that arm which is why I didn't go to MMA class Thursday. I walk to the garage looking for some ropes or something to help pull the couch to the back. I didn't want to do that, b/c I knew it would tear up the yard. Instead I spotted pvc pipes that I had bought when working on the yard. I grab the pieces and walk to the front where the couch was. I explain to Dezi that we are going to move this stupid couch egyptian style. She just looked at me funny until I explained, but we rolled the couch. The pvc was placed under the couch and when we uncovered one of the pieces Dezi moved it to the front and kept rolling.

The moral to this story? "Work smart not hard!"

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Results show

Well I guess I never posted a follow up. Surgery went great. I went home late Friday feeling no pain. I had a catheter with a pain pump and lots of meds. I was also sent home with what I'm calling my torture device. It's a continuous passive motion machine. Shots with blood thinners and lots of other goodies.

I've been doing really well. Went to PT yesterday and she was pleased with where I was comparatively. I've been home all week. At this point I'm going a little stir crazy. But otherwise doing well.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

It's go time

My mom, Dezi and I are sitting in the waiting room. Today is my knee surgery. I'm nervous, but ready for this part to be over with. Clint (our youth minister) should be here to pray with us shortly. Wish me luck.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cool Yule

It's been a busy couple of months. As we're looking at wrapping up 2007 it's amazing to think back on this year with quite a few changes.

Let's look back on some of the things that happened this year:
While it's been a busy and challenging year 2008 is already gearing up to be at least as interesting. I'm scheduled for surgery on January 4th to repair some torn cartilage in my left knee as well as a partially torn ACL. This is my first big injury. My mind races with what could happen, but I want to get back to doing the things I enjoy... particularly jiu-jitsu and this is the only way that can happen. I've also been instructed to lose weight to help my knee and will be making more of a concerted effort this year to make that happen.

For the time being we are in Abilene for a few days to visit with my parents. We go back home on Sunday since I was supposed to work on Monday. We were given Monday off after all, but the holiday plans had already been made in advance.

There are a few things that I would like to accomplish this year. Surgery and recovery may delay it, but I'd like to try to find the time and money to go to either Disney World or Paris this year. Dezi and I have been talking about taking steps for future Rollins. You can never really be ready for things like that, but I'd like to feel like we've done some of the things we want to ahead of time.

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